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Artistic light show at the Château du Martroy

An artistic light show of a historical nature will be projected upon the façade of the Château du Martroy Chauconin-Neufmontiers, which is currently owned by the descendants of Pierre Daru, who was Napoleon's minister.

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The Château du Martroy, which is listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments, was built in the 18th century on the foundations of a 16th-century estate, and was then extended in the 19th century. It belonged to Viscount Daru, an artillery commander, a descendant of Pierre Daru who, under the First Empire, was Intendant Général of the Grande Armée, a literary man and a member of the Académie Française, Count of the Empire in 1809 and a cousin of Stendhal. In 1829, the Château belonged to Viscount Camus du Martroy. It is now owned by Mr and Mrs de Trémiolle.

As part of the bicentenary, the Seine-et-Marne Department is projecting a light show on the Château, based on a historical account of the relations between Napoleon and his famous servants, Pierre Daru and Armand de Caulaincourt, of whom the current owners are the descendants.