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Artistic light show on the Château du Martroy façade

On 17th and 18th September, as part of the 2021 European Heritage Days, the Château de Martroy will be displaying a sound and light show and a concert-reading!

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Département de Seine-et-Marne

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Concert-reading on Napoleon

Based on meticulous research on the sources and musical programmes kept at the Bibliothèque nationale de France as well as extracts from documents related to Napoleon I, the Arteggio and La compagnie Divague associations will perform a concert-reading entitled “From Buonaparte to Napoleon”, which was conceived as a musical and textual journey through the end of the 18th century and the First Empire.

Practical information:

  • the concert-reading starts at 8 pm,
  • free admission, reservations recommended at

Illuminations on the Napoleonic epic

As part of the 2021 European Heritage Days, the Department of Seine-et-Marne is inaugurating a major multimedia show in the grounds of the Château du Martroy.

The 40-minute show will display the flamboyant Napoleonic epic on the walls of the Château, with monumental images perfectly chiselled to fit the architecture of the place, with sleek sound design, original music and dialogues carried by famous voices. The whole show is built around a scenario designed just like a fast-paced film, by no means linear, sometimes accelerating, sometimes slowing down, with spectacular and epic shots, and more intimate moments.

Napoleon will reveal himself in an unprecedented way, through the eyes and prism of two of his closest companions: literary man Count Daru, and General Armand de Caulaincourt. Two illustrious characters whose descendants are the current owners of the Château du Martroy, and who will introduce an exclusive, captivating, surprising reading of the history of the Eagle. An original artistic approach, a fascinating scenographic concept marking the strong link between the site and the Napoleonic epic.

Practical information:

  • the show starts at 9.30 pm,
  • free admission.