"Napoleon, une histoire de musique" ("Napoleon, a musical story")

orchestre de musique classique joué par des militaires
© Ministère de l'Intérieur F.GARCIA
The French Army Chorus and the Republican Guard Orchestra will be performing a concert at the Fontainebleau Municipal Theatre on 8th October 2021.

After a reference to Napoleon's Corsican origins and after singing the national anthem of the Empire he governed, the first part of the concert touches upon the battles and conquests of the soldier and statesman, some of the Grande Armée’s units, and ends with two nostalgic songs. The second part is indirectly based on the key years and the naval expedition to the island of Saint Helena. After a poetic reference to the tomb on the island, the French Army Chorus concludes with excerpts from the opera the Emperor commissioned from one of his favourite composers.

More information:

  • Théâtre municipal, 9 rue Denecourt, 77920 Fontainebleau.