"The Canon of Milan"

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Theatre Company Le Théâtre des Grognards welcomes you to the Fontainebleau Municipal Theatre for a representation of "Le Chanoine de Milan" ("The Canon of Milan") on 12th October 2021.

Fontainebleau Municipal Theatre

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The play

May 1796: the French armies enter Milan behind their valiant General, a short Corsican from Ajaccio, who is not displeased to hear there is some talk about him in Paris. Meanwhile, Canon Barnabé, saintly in love with every one of life’s pleasures, is preparing for the delights of the supper on the occasion of which is to take place the wedding project of his nephew Benedetto, an Italian of the bragger and coward kind, with the beautiful Cœlénie. But they reckoned without the arrival of soldiers from the young French Republic, with their charms and... their appetites!

Strange confrontations between the Italian clergy and the French citizen-soldier from the Levée-en-masse (mass conscription), two comical types drawn as caricatures - but maybe not so much! Everything seems to set them apart, with the exception of a common passion for a piously strategic book: "The French cook", eventually bringing them together around a table.

This "topical comedy", which was written by Alexandre Duval and performed during the 1st Italian Campaign in 1796, was created to bring to Paris the events which were taking place in Italy at the time with the Directory; but also as a celebration of victory and of General Bonaparte's willingness to show respect for the invaded populations, or at least to have them believe so, using... macaroni. For as Alexandre Duval proudly claimed, this is the play that helped establish the popularity of macaroni in France, and that is not the least of its success.

More information:

  • 1st performance on 12th october at 8h30 pm (for the general public),
  • 2nd performance on 13th october at 9h am (for the scolar public),
  • Theatrical performance: Le Chanoine de Milan by Le Théâtre des Grognards - Les Grognards de la Marne, Fontainebleau Municipal Theatre
  • Booking for scholars by phoning +33(0)1 64 87 37 17 or by email